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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Deeper than this thought reveals

A look at the GOP's proposed rules for the House reveals some fine print
to their deficit-cutting plan. Back in 2007, Republicans used budget
reconciliation, a process immune to filibuster, to pass the Bush tax
cuts and raise the deficit, two things reconciliation wasn't meant to be
used for. When Democrats took Congress, they changed House rules to
prevent such a move being made again. But the GOP's proposed House rules
roll back the changes. Specifically, according to the Center on Budget
and Policy Priorities, the new rules would allow reconciliation to be
used for bills that increase the deficit through tax cuts, though not
bills that contain spending that would increase the deficit.

Susan Edwards died this week of cacncer. She was 35. She was a reporter and was fearless when it came time to get the story from the most advantageous view point.

Politians make rule to serve their agendas regardless of the needs of the people represented and so many individuals work hard to bring facts to the public trusting them to use the info to their betterment.

Got to love the people, got to ask why the title polititan gives a group of power hungry charlitians the right to throw representation for all out the window?

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