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Friday, April 19, 2013

Look At The TIme

I haven't posted in a very long time.  The world has sped by with all sorts of artificial news events, mostly centering around the U.S. Government.   Social media has reached the point where its possibilities for me and my interest are very positive but it is being influenced by a bunch of self-centered opinionist who do exactly what they say they don't want done to themselves.  Then you have the changing advertising world who is trying to capitalize on this new road into our lives.  Scary but I'm still optimistic. 

At 62 I'm too young to retire in the sense that I need to sit on the porch checking to make sure my grass grows and the moles don't invade.  But I do believe it is time to change what I spend most of my day doing.  Work is not a bad four letter word.  But it can be an exercise in frustration such that there comes a time to let someone else handle that task and move on to where I can be more productive and a positive influence to those closer to me and my interest.  That is where I am now. 

Sometimes I amaze myself because I tend to work my way toward change that I'm not really putting that much thought into.  Like there is a second personality in my head that works behind the scene silently prepping me for a new direction.  Only after I've started doing things in a concrete way do I realize I'm moving on.  That is cool.

While I love my work, I've found myself working with a group of people that are beyond me to bring together in purpose.  This is strange because our purpose is really the same for all of us.  However, each person I work with seems to think the processes are theirs to bend, break or ignore.  This makes getting to completion a real struggle.  We've always made it but its never been pretty with this group.  I'm not putting them down, I'm saying it is time for me to move on and find those I enjoy working toward success with.

One last thing.  My life at 62 is nothing like I ever imagined it would be.  That is neither good nor bad.  It is just you never know what life will bring and while some folks can bend outcomes to their wishes, I'm finding my wishes feel short of how good it really can be.