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Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Our excursion out of Juneau was to Mendenhall Glacier National Park. As you can tell, the weather along the coastline is grey. I expected this because of my time spent in Monterey, California. This national park is interesting. There are two waterfalls and you will be able to take a trail to one of them but it is under construction right now. That didn’t stop a few adventurous folks in our tour group from heading out to it anyway. The second waterfalls coming out of the glacier use to be under the glacier. They say it’s rate of regress is a football field distance a year now. From the ebb and flow charts of glaciers I’ve been looking at this is not unusual at all but I’d strongly suggest you put a visit to a glacier area into your vacation plans soon as the may not be as grandiose in a few years.


Anonymous said...

I knew they were vanishing, I'm glad you put it like that. I hope to see them before they are gone. I'm glad to see your lady in a photo for a change.

ro said...

I dragged out all my pictures from my Alaska cruise and compared your photos and my photos of Mendenhall. There is a great difference in the Mendenhall glacier from 3 years ago till now(almost the same time frame) loved your photos!!!