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Thursday, August 06, 2009

After visiting Mendenhall Glacier National Park we headed for a Salmon Bake. I was so looking forward to this part of the excursion. But I ended up a bit disappointed. First I was thinking that in a region that had so much Salmon that this would be a real treat with new and different ways of cooking the fish. Nope, it was just cooked over an open fire pit with nothing special done to it. OK, that was ok because it was good food. But then on the ride back we had a tour guide that told old bad jokes and little history of the area. This was especially disappointing because he was a native of the area. Still, it was a good excursion and there is something about eating fish on a rainy day in a rain forest that is really cool.

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Anonymous said...

I wonder for whom the park was named, because Lu's counselor at her old school had the same last name. I thought Mendenhall, that's so odd and hard to keep in my mind properly. Now I know it's not quite so odd. I wonder if it will shed some light into the woman's odd personality.