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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Due to a high volume of activity at the office on Monday, I didn't get to post this for Tuesday so I'm fudging the post to look like it was. I had to be at the house on Tuesday and while it was a lot of work, I loved it. LOL

Here are some images from a small place in the Yukon that served BBQ chicken for lunch, raises a hybrid dog for dog sledding and has this stuffed animal museum. It was kind of cheesy. They put a couple of stuffed mountain goats up on the cliffs overlooking the place. Yea you can take a dog sled ride on a sled-on-wheels. I enjoyed this place. It kind of reminded me of the weird things one use to find on the back roads around Myrtle Beach. You know, the alligator pits and the freak museums with stuffed two headed calves, etc.

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Anonymous said...

Those places are what the great american vacations are made of aren't they?! I bet they have strange little places like that all over the world, too!
Glad to see you back...and in force I see.
my word verification word is anger. Oh the universe has a funny way about it doesn't it?!