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Friday, August 22, 2008

My Son and I have a “Facebook” site and we occasionally communicate through it. But mostly I go to see any new pictures he’s posted from his life in Leeds’s, England. It is interesting having an offspring studying overseas. It is a point of pride, true, but more interesting is he was raised to not be afraid of searching out his hearts desire. The same can be said of my Daughter who is attending Auburn University. It is even more so since as a male of my species I have a built in protection response that tends to be overly protective of the females in my charge. LOL Now that’s a laugh. Missy is anything but under my “Charge”.

Here is a picture of them taken this month when Missy went over to England to visit her brother. (Now how cool is that!?!) All I can say is I love these kids and I love the way they explore life.


Numinous Lady said...

Your kids are so beautiful made great babies didn't you?!

Chet Dailey said...

Yes I did. LOL Of course I had lots of help from their Mom. I have to say it is much more fun having adult kids than crumb grabbers. It is really nice to see your children create a life of their own.