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Wednesday, August 13, 2008


I have been accused of being bi-polar (that's a laugh), having a head with too many ideas bouncing around in it (that's factual) and being so disorganized that I walk myself silly and as such, wasting a lot of time and energy (that from an "OC" personality who accepts no other solution but her own).

I like harmony in my life and drama in other's for its entertainment value. Hey, just being honest. I'm a far better audience than an artist. You need someone out there to appreciate your efforts, as crazy as you are. So I though of a few ideas for you creative types to work on.

Ideas for you creative folks.

A shelf made from a tree branch
a) should hold books or boxes
b) hangers can be hung from it
c) must have three points of contact that make it steady and secure.

Pipes that function but do not just go from point A to B in a straight line or only make standard angles.
a) pipes that look like tied knots
b) pipes that make walls decorative and have energy functions
c) pipes that function and make musical tones.

Door knobs (this includes cabinet doors) that full fill all needed functions but suit any appendage that is used to use them.

Trash cans that actually look attractive while functioning well.
a) they should seal to keep stink in and varmints out, but don't demand a Gold's Gym regular to open and close.
b) they should be able to be pulled to the street easily no matter how tall or short the puller is and no matter how much the trash we stuff into them weighs .
c) color and shape must not be gaudy unless of course that suits the home it will be sitting out side of.

More to come latter.

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