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Monday, December 07, 2015

The Education I Got Was To Change With The Times.

I read this morning that the greatest pressure on the world economy is negative population growth.  It is why the US recovery has been slow yet unemployment recovery is doing well.  Fewer people for the slow growth in jobs.  In addition the aging is going to burden the system.  The move­ment of so many peo­ple into the high­est-sav­ing pe­riod of their lives has pro­duced a bulge of ex­cess savings that has held down in­ter­est rates and in­fla­tion.  This should be good for you.  The problem markets are discovering is less employees to find and less people to sell to is going to reduce 'growth'.  

This is entirely a different problem from that faced in my college days.  I remember a professor starting his class on world economies with a side profile of a naked pregnant woman.  From there he preached the evils of uncontrolled population growth.  Things always change. 

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