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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Time - the missing element

I know I have expressed a need to change my blogging to more of my personal life enriching interest and away from my radical freedom loving political views. I do plan to get there. But I’ve recently married and am buying a new house, drive 30 miles (soon to be 40) to work where I put in over two weeks of overtime last month and have run the multi path track of getting my life papers to show I have a new spouse, have a real job and can handle some debt. So soon my friends (McCain Speak) I will have a new more enjoyable site for you to visit.

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Numinous Lady said...

Congratulations Chet!!! I am so happy for you!
Please send me an address where I can send a 'real' card to. Emily is going to think I wasn't brought up right...and lord knows I know when to send cards...all southern women know that lesson! *chuckles*
How is house shopping going? Did you already find one that suits your fancy? I hope it has a bigger stove and lacks a pink bathroom *wink wink*.
Happy Samhain, Halloween, and all the other dead-ful holidays celebrated this time of year...hehehe!