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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Don't Speak If You Don't Want To Hear

Not my picture but it speaks volumns
I emailed a URL of a site that had, what I thought was, a funny video about Palen. Yea it wasn’t positive, but what I liked was how well done it was.

I got a couple of returns that expressed reservations about my appearance as a liberal, one from an old friend and another from a relative. I had to laugh when my old friend comment, “It’s better to have associated with known terrorist?” If the public examined my life, I doubt that I would stand up very well to the moral, forthright, virtuous standards they demand, and part of my life they would have trouble with I shared with my old friend. As far as we know, we didn’t associate with terrorist, but who knows. LOL

My relative is a staunch republican and Rush Limbaugh fan. He has run his own business his whole life and done well for himself. He has a wonderful family and has been part of my family (he’s married to my aunt) for long before I was born. He’s a good guy and I like as well as respect him. But I can’t help but compare his experiences as a small business man with mine as a well traveled Government Service Provider (that includes my time as an Army brat and my own 12 years of military experience). I think the difference is I have seen more of the effects of American influence and can compared it to the expectations we all had or have. I have empathy (as opposed to sympathy). There are a lot of solutions out there and ours is not always the best fit for all the world.

And I still like the quality of the video.

The Vet Who Did Not Vet

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