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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

County Fair 02

Second Posting for this week. This is my second favorite barn photo. Yes, some of you will say it is better than the other. In some respects it is. Thus I’m approaching these choices on my preferences rather than an industry standard that I keep hearing about. It seems to me that if one is going for “art” then following the rules is self defeating. I’m not saying rules are not important, but if the rules don’t allow me to say what I want to say then they have to be put aside. Hmmm, that sounds a bit arrogant, doesn’t it. LOL

1 comment:

Numinous Lady said...

I like this one, as well. It speaks completely differently to me than the first one. I would explain, but my brain is not working that well,
I could stare at this one for a long time...I could not do that with the first one.
I'd buy a large print of this one...