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Sunday, September 07, 2008

07 County Fair

For the "Plant" category I submitted this one. I had no expectation it would get any recognition by the judges. After all, it's late summer and there where lots of flower pictures (all very good by the way) and since this is a "county" fair you know they are looking for things that reflect county life. But I love this picture. I found this dead leaf in my driveway one evening and just couldn't resist the gold on the asphalt. I had this one printed this one 16" x 14" too. Unfortunately the photo shop cropped it such the stem bottom stem goes off the picture. Another one of thosse shor tcommings when you order via the internet.


Numinous Lady said...

Oh are going to have to share some of your art with me...this one is one I love as well.
You really know how to get me.

Chet Dailey said...

Thank you for that very nice comment. While I don't expect to always hear comments as nice and heart warming as yours, I do like to hear comments.

BTW, I'm working on a photosite that lets the viewer see my work without ads and forced behavior the free sites I've been posting on require (like registering, etc.) I'll let you know when I have it up and running.