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Saturday, May 04, 2013

Tired of entertainment standards.

Two trains of though this morning (that's a record low for me). 

1)  So much music these days has stupid, short line lyrics.  How many times do we hear love and pain in song all day long.  I'd like to suggest vocalist stop using language and start using their voice as an accompanying musical instrument.  I see two benefits at least.  The end of boring catch phrases that pick from five words over and over (I, love, you, hurt, me) and the freedom to bring a personal interpretation to the music.

2). It's interesting that militarily the worlds armies always see each other as a threat and the worlds Scientists see each other as collaborative partners.  Granted there are exception but right now China's Military is pounding its chest at us over some useless islands while its scientists are collaborating with us in the development of sensory arrays that could lead the way to improved artificial skin.  How is it we can work through intellectual endeavors but trip over the artificial concept of ownership?

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