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Monday, October 11, 2010

Columbus Day Ponderings

I've been off since the 1st and have enjoyed the relaxed self directed days. Sitting in the picture window at the Elk River Coffee Shop is an experience I could make a habit. I've found many such places to relax and ponder throughout my life. I seem to be gravitating toward the slower pace. I think my doctor finally has my medications balanced, LOL.

This window overlooks the north end of Main Street just off the town square. Fayetteville, TN - unlike its name sake in NC - is still a small town in size and disposition. Life is so slow, it's hard to understand how the local economy can support it. Yet it does with a hardware store on the square, a movie theater right out of "The Last Picture Show", a Merle Norman Cosmetics and a Electrolux (Authored Floor Care Service Provider Since 1924) mixed in with EdwardJones Investments, Rudy P's Trash & Treasures and a Town & County Realty & Auction.

On the Coffee Shop radio plays a song my Ex once choreographed a self reflecting dance to. Life, so full of crossed paths. Some understood and others not. This is just one of the values a nice Coffee Shop brings to one's life.

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