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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

What in the world am I doing?

Looks like I manage to post only once a month these days. I have been busy this summer. I've moved my photographic endeavors to a new level in that I'm getting a photo club started in Fayetteville, TN and taking some web classes on improving my "seeing" photographically speaking.

Every weekend has me someplace doing something. The last week starting Saturday the 10th, Em and I took off to Tampa, Florida where I attended and ASHE conference (Health Facility and Equipment Engineering Stuff) and we returned late Saturday the 17th after spending a night in Chattanooga where I went to the Hunter Museum of American Art. I loved it and recommend all photographers to go and see how the painters do it. I envy their skills. They can do with a brush what takes a photographer a ton of equipment to try and achieve and they can create environments that we camera guys just can't mimic because of the need for all that equipment to capture what we have in tour heads. I hope to post some examples of what I mean soon.

This month my photo club is tasked with taking pictures that frame the subject. I gave this photo as an example, but I cheated.

I didn't drag my daughter down to a factory and have her pose in front of industrial equipment. I photo shopped her in (and none to professionally either) someone else's picture. In my defense, it was a quick experiment I did some time ago. It was a quick find when I emailed out the example to the club members. I just wanted to get them to see that framing your subject wasn't restricted to looking like a framed picture setting on a mantel.
I discovered summer Rodeos too. Not the big Civic Center Arena type although I have gone to those before. Locally we have several going on within 50 miles of here and they are extremely access able so you can get some great action shots.

And I've discoverd Re-enactments too. LOL  Photography is a great reason to get out and exerience things.

This is turning out to be a great summer.

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KustomJeff said...

Looks like you're having fun! About damn time you updated this place too ;-) I'm knee deep into getting the Triumph on the road. Maybe it'll get road worthy this weekend. It's also the monthly bike night at Garage Company so I might find some good bikes to photograph. After I get the Triumph going I plan to get out and find some new stuff to take pictures of.