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Monday, March 29, 2010

The Brain Keeps on Going and Growing

Read the recently published NPR article on "The Aging Brain". It dispels the myth that we don't grow new brain cells after we become adults. More importantly it states that, "empathy — the ability to understand the emotional point of view of another. Empathy increases as we age. "

I already knew this from my own aging experience. I'd like to add that this is not some new out of thin air ability. After living and loving and hating and facing frustration while seeing others win, fail, redirect their efforts for a more attainable (and often more appropriate goal) and - at times - walk away no better off than when they started, it is a lessons learned sort of thing (yes the brain starts new neuron-circuitry). About the only thing I know that prevents it from improving life is over indulging in conservative politics (joke). After all, as industries and technologies change and cultures get stale and boring, so change the trends of societies. Empathy helps make sense of it all. Having empathy is not the same as having sympathy. Empathy you understand but don't necessarily agree or accept.

My little bit of philosophying. ;)

Do you have sympathy or empathy?
This is an old picture (35 mm slide) my Father took when he was a young man serving in Japan (early 50's).

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