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Friday, January 01, 2010


Its a new day, a new year, a new decade and I've not made any resolutions. After 50 years of trying and succeeding so seldom I don't bother anymore. I also happen to be pretty satisfied with who I am.

I've given some thought to back dating some post and probably will. I've given some thought to posting pictures done by other photographers that I really like, but I probably won't. I just don't know where I got the pictures. I will keep posting my own pictures and the pictures may or may not have anything to do with my comments, although I do tend to like the "stream of conscience" approach.

Its been hard to avoid political commentary. Politics are the legitimate form of lying it would seem, although I doubt any mother or father would accept it from their kids. It depresses me - so I avoid it.

Em and I spent the day in Huntsville. We ate breakfast at the Broken Egg Cafe in the Bailey Cove section of town. Pricey but good. We tried Cracker Barrel first but they had a 35 minute wait so we didn't stay and it was good that we didn't. Broken Egg was better. We skipped lunch and had popcorn at the movies. Avatar in 3D was great! I loved it! I was afraid after hearing about how much attention the creator put into the special effects the story would suck. But it was pulled off nicely. I might have opted for a smoother or more detailed ending, but it is over two hours long. I'd have to say it was one of the best movies I've seen in a long time. I highly recommend it!

We ate supper at Chili's then came home and enjoyed a quiet evening. I checked on the Outback Bowl since Auburn was in it. After Tennessee sucked yesterday in the Chick-Fil-A Bowl‎, I needed to hear the SEC was still a power house. Well it is and Auburn pulled it out in overtime:

Outback Bowl: Northwestern Wildcats 35 - Auburn Tigers 38

Life is Good!


You may consider this picture exploitive. However, I would recommend you look at it with the same curiosity that I did. Surly you see just a bit of risque humor here and how odd it is that a person would mark their body in what could be considered self deprivation. I wondered why she would care if her partner knew her name if she hadn't managed to give it before getting into this . . . hhhuuuuhhhh . . . predicament.


Anonymous said...

Maybe it's that she has a pet peeve against people calling out the wrong name during amorous activity and she wanted to prevent that at all odds?
I'd like the try the restaurant some day.
I'm glad you enjoyed the movie!
I am still slightly aghast by the amount they spent to make it and so I'm holding out. I just don't like encouraging that kind of's the wicked mommy in me I guess. I would like to see the Sherlock Holmes movie, as I love Downey's comedy.
I've never been one for new year's resolutions. I have noticed how the media is pushing it's spin for this time of year, shoving weight loss, exercise, diet, and addiction quitting in our faces even more then normal. Hmph.

Chet Dailey said...

Got ya on the movies and I want to see Sherlock Homes as well cause I'm a DOwney fan too.

As for the girl and her tatoos, I'm sure you are right but it looks like to me the only time it helps is if she is giving a BJ or doing Doggy Style. LOL If it is her sence of humor then I love it. LOL