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Monday, July 27, 2009

We are back from our Alaska cruise. It was a great seven day trip shipping out of Vancouver, BC Canada. We boarded the Volendam, a Holland American cruise ship and spend the first and second day at sea. I'll suff this site some of the 1471 pictures I took while on the trip. Todays shots are of the port we departed from.


Anonymous said...

What is it like on a cruise ship Chet? Do you notice all of the other people or is it set up so you have your own intimate moments?
I haven't cruised because of the 'titanic' fear and because of the massive amounts of people on board. Is it crowded, I guess is what I'm asking.
I am so happy for you two for getting to do this. That's a very cool place to go to. You deserved to be able to go that with your lovie!

Chet Dailey said...

There are lots of people on a cruise ship but (at least Holland American) the crew handles the work load well and you never feel crowded. Meals have options as far as where you have it and what degree of formality you want. The excursion folks do very well keeping people headed toward their chosen trips and there are lots of activities on board so you can be part of a group have intimate activities with that someone special. Not to mention that just being at sea on a luxury ship is in and of itself relaxing and allows for soul searching if that is your pleasure.

I recommend an Alaska cruise over say a Caribbean cruise because it is not only fun but educational. I learned a lot on this trip. I'll probably comment on what I've discover in a blog entry soon. LOL