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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Morning Thoughts

On the way to work this morning, I got to thinking about the Republican cuts to Obama's stimulus package and one of those cuts was to the funding to local health agencies to prepare for a pandemic. What are we possibly facing - Wow Swine Flu! It isn't a real problem just yet (except for those families that have lost a love one to it) but clearly it is something that could be because of our quick and broad array of travel locations. But why did the Republicans pick this issue to take a stand on?

Here is my understanding of Republican positions. They only want to protect the rich and successful in life. They think that because we are born equal under the law that we are born equal in all things. Like an intercity kid or a kid born to migrant workers is going to get the same opportunities as a Bush kid or a Rockefeller kid. If you think about that you should come up with a lot of thoughts about what really makes or breaks a successful citizen.

Likewise they fail to understand that the business successful never achieve success solely on their own efforts. They are successful because (in part) of those of us that work for them and those of us that buy from them, i.e. the non-rich. (We the non-rich measure success quite differently.) Without workers and purchases (those with needs to be filled) they wouldn’t have any success at all. I’m not ignoring their contribution to success. I’m just saying they need to remember that it takes all of us to make it happen. I by no means think the working class is without it’s faults. But if we the non-rich died in the next month from a pandemic what would happen to all those successful people the Republicans are protecting? You can legislate an increase population, at least no overnight. I guess you could five tax breaks to the wealthy for each successful conception they produced. (LOL)

All I’m saying is we are a diverse nation and our diversity is not just culture or ethnic. In fact the diversity of our work ethic and our emotional goals are a great contribution to one of the most open and free societies in history and that our government has to look at protecting more than just the financially successful.

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