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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The future holds a short disconnect

To day I had a BAG meeting. Sounds like a sack lunch over a conference room table, doesn’t it? That’s not too far from what it was. BAG is short for Benefit Advisory Group and I was getting the low down on how my retirement was shaping up. I’m not going to stop working for a few more years but need to see how the road map was compared to the real course I’ve taken. It’s looking good, but could be better. One thing for sure, I’ve taken good care of those within my influence to include the former Mrs. Dailey. She’ll be taken care of latter too unless she should depart this life before me. That is not very likely nor do I wish it. She comes from a line of upper eighties early nineties departurers and I come from a mix bag of late fifties to mid seventies bucket kickers. In any case, I don’t think I’m going to have to prep for a career as a Wal-Mart greeter.

I’m going to be going off line for a few weeks. I’ve decided to move in with Emily and live in the little town of Fayetteville, Tn. So, I’ll be selling my house and as such ending my internet access for a short while. Emily is treating me to a week in Gatlinburg for my birthday. Yea, that’s the home of Dollywood and the like, but it is also at one of the entry points for the Great Smokey Mountain National Park and I’m sure I’ll spend more of my time in the woods than at the pageant type entertainments. More on that latter. The week I get back I have overtime scheduled so I’ll be getting home late and tired. I’ll probably hire a realtor the week before taking the trip so they can do their thing without me having to keep a tidy place for at least the first week which is probably the most showings it will get in a prescribed time frame. I’ll kill my cable service then too, so I don’t end up paying for a full month of service when at best I would really only get another week of use. Killing cable will terminate the internet access. Looks like reading is going to fill my evenings. I’ll have the office machine to look with, but work being what it is, I don’t expect to do much communicating from there. So despite my best intentions of being more prolific on line, I’m going to have a lot of dead air time for the next month. LOL I know this disappoints my huge fan base but fear not, I’ll be back.

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